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Horizontal Wood Fences Install



Horizontal Wood Fences in Denver

Wood fences are are a classic option that can range from traditional picket design to more modern horizontal wooden fencing. Luckily, we at Precision Fence Denver install a large variety.

Is wood fence cheaper than vinyl? How much does wood fence cost?

Basic wood fencing is generally cheaper than vinyl. Though higher quality lumber with custom modern designs can be more expensive. Depending on the style you are going for, your fence estimate will vary. We do everything we can to get an accurate quote to our customers so they can go for the design they want at a budget that works for them.

Can wood fence be painted?

Wood fences can be painted in virtually any color. Some people prefer the simple elegance of a natural finish, that is pressure treated and stained and sealed to keep the elements at bay. Different varieties of wood can have a tone from very light, such as birch or bamboo, to medium tone like redwood, or a more dark tone, like walnut. With an added stain, you can turn any type of wood into the tone that suits your property style best.

What type of wood fence lasts longest?

The longest lasting wood is cedar and redwood. Both cedar and redwood can last decades with general maintenance. They are both insect resistant and very durable in the elements.

When to stain and seal wood fence?

Fence slats should be immediately stained and sealed before installing a fence on your property, or immediately after installation. This will avoid any rain or tough weather from damaging your fence. Even if you have a very durable material like redwood, it is still best to stain and seal very quickly upon installation, to get the longest life out of your new fence.

When to replace wood fence?

If you see your fence warping, cracking, or infested with insects, it is time to replace your wooden fence. These are all signs that your fence will not last longer on its own, and new panels and treatment will be essential to protecting your property.

Where to buy wood fence panels?

For a DIY job, you can find fence panels at your local lumber store. Generally you can even have your fence panels and post delivered to your door, for an added price. If you are short on time or simply want a professional to get the job done right safely and efficiently, the first time, we recommend giving us a call. We do everything we can to provide quality service and installation to our customers, and provide honest and transparent project details from beginning to end. If we are not able to take on your project in your necessary time frame, we will be happy to recommend a reliable local partner company that services the Denver area.

Which wood fence is best?

Redwood may be one of the most expensive horizontal wood fence materials, but this is because it is one of the best in many regards. It is long lasting, durable, weather resistant, insect resistant, and utterly beautiful.

Why power wash wood fence?

Power washing is a popular way to refresh the appearance of a wood fence. It can clean off the grime and build up from years of use on your property in a day’s time. If you do not have damage to your fence, but only aesthetic dirtiness, power washing is a great way to take care of your fence. We recommend treating your fence after power washing, due to the force of the water, which can take off some of the original stain and sealant.

Whether you are looking for a new addition to hide your trash cans, or to keep your air conditioner out of sight, or even to enclose your entire front and backyard, we will provide a solution for your home safety needs.

We install many fences for dog owners, as well as parents wanting to give their children a safe area to enjoy the outdoors at home. Even your garden can benefit from the protection of a horizontal wood fence, by keeping out pesky animals or unwanted intruders from destroying your fruits, vegetables and flower beds.

In addition to full installations, we provide wood fence repair services. This is a popular service of ours after a hurricane hits the area, and some homeowners fences need partial repair rather than an entirely new fence. Whether you need a full installation or repair, our team of top rated contractors will bring all supplies along on the job, so you don’t have to purchase and haul everything to your home on your own. From lattice tops to wire mesh, to metal frames and metal posts, we will design the horizontal wood fence that you have been looking for.​Many homeowners wonder if having a cover over your pool is the only safety measure you need to employ, but fence installation is arguably more important. While covers can deter leaves, nature, and neighborhood animals from your pool, only a fence can secure your family from an accidental fall or energetic child or pet. If you have an idea for your new swimming pool fence we would love to hear how we can help you bring your installation inspiration into reality.

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