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Chain Link Fence Companyin Denver | Installation & Repair

Chain link fences serve several disciplines and purposes in Miami, from commercial properties to dog fences for your home’s backyard. It is a very affordable and strong choice of material that can be installed quickly and efficiently. Many of our residential customers in the area decide to install chain link fencing for some sides of their perimeter along with another material for the front of their home. Many of our commercial clients install this material for their entire property along with double sided gates, to offer more protection.

How much does chain link fence cost per foot in Miami?

We offer affordable prices on our chain link options at between $10 – $20 per foot for installations. For very large properties, including parks and warehouses, we can bring that price down when our suppliers bring down the price for wholesale purchases. We will pass these savings along to our customers with full transparency.

Are chain link fences galvanized?

Chain link fences are galvanized, which gives them further strength to withstand decades outdoors. There are different types of chain link fencing but standard variety is made of high grade steel that gives it a toughness found in few other materials.

We offer chain link options in standard silver color variety, as well as black galvanized chain link.

Is chain link fencing cheaper than wood?

Chain link fences in Miami are usually cheaper than wood fences for total costs of material and installation. This option is among the easiest to install so it’s hard to find a fence company in Miami who will charge less for labor, including us, because of the low level of difficulty and time necessary to do a job well done.

Can chain link fences be repaired?

Chain links fences can be repaired by clipping or taking down a section of the fence and replacing it with a new piece. Though you may see rust on some chain link fences they are made to withstand rust today, so that you don’t need to worry about replacing your fence for 10-30 years.

How much chain link fence do I need?

The amount of chain link fence needed for a particular project or property will certainly vary based on the size of the area and the length of the perimeter. If you know length of each side the the property you need fencing, add each of these together to find your total, and that will equal the total length of fence needed. Our licensed and experienced contractors will come to your home or business and take measurements as well to give you a more exact idea of an estimate on total costs.

What height chain link fence is standard?

Standard residential chain link fences in the Miami area for side yards and backyards are 4 feet tall. We can install custom heights up to 12 ft tall, for commercial clients as well. The height limitations will vary based on your zip code, as different counties have separate laws. Generally in Miami Dade and Broward, height limits for residential fencing is between 5 and 7 feet.

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