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Aluminium fencing is a superior metal and overall material when it comes to fences. Due to its resistance of rust, aluminum can last over 30 years through hard hurricane seasons, without deteriorating. Many of our customers love the sleek appeal of a classic black aluminum fence but we can coat your fence with almost any color in mind, to give you a custom look made just for you. Unlike other materials, aluminum will not fall apart if your family holds frequent sports games and activities that might involve impact to your fence. We work with a number of top class suppliers to assure guaranteed quality to our clients.

Similar look to rod iron fencing, without the inevitable rust and wear.

Unlike other materials, aluminum can hold up for decades without giving in to the geography of a sloped property. 

Our professional team installs aluminum with precision to avoid warping and uprooting, even in our harsh Denver climate. This metal requires little maintenance to keep in pristine condition. It is cheaper to buy and can hold its strength for a longer duration than higher end metal fencing options like steel and rod iron. After multiple seasons and rainstorms, many materials can become faded over time, but aluminum is at the top of the list in durability, and will last without fading or splitting for up to 30 years in Denver. Moisture damage, along with sun damage, are close to non-existent with this metal, as its chemical makeup resists both rot as well as fade. We love installing wood fences, but aluminum provides our customers property barriers a longer life span with less hassle and maintenance for decades. If you are short on time for an installation, you are covered with us. We get aluminum fence jobs done quicker than our competitors without sacrificing craftsmanship.

The hardware we work with including our latches, bolts, drop rods, hinges, and railings are sourced for top suppliers, so you can feel confident in your installation decision.

We offer a wide range of styles including horizontal privacy fencing, decorative, ornamental,

style, color, height, hardware, caps, texture, racking

Aluminum fencing we install can cost as little as $20 per linear foot and up to $100 per linear foot based on the type of aluminum you decide is best for your needs

Our focus is on delivering a quality product to our customers that provides their property with safety, security, and long lasting durability for years to come. We believe in leading the industry by giving full transparency with our customers, showing them detailed design options before permitting so that you have exactly what you intended on.

From the time we come to your residence to go over options, and setting a date and time to begin the work, we make sure to listen to any specifications our customers request. If you do not know your municipality’s property laws, don’t fret, as we will guide you through anything that may be necessary or requests that cannot be completed. We do not hide any pricing for the last minute and give a full budget outline before starting the job, so there are no surprises when we are finished. By the end of the installation process, you will not notice our team was there, as we make sure to leave your property line spotless and better than when we came.

We believe in providing quality service and using top brands for materials so that you don’t have to call us in a just a few months or years for repairs and replacement work. Our pricing can range from $500 to multiple thousands, depending on your property and requirements. 

We do not offer the cheapest fencing options in the area, because we pride ourselves in producing incomparable craftsmanship, that you can trust and rely on, rather than sacrificing excellence for saving a few dollars. In the long run, you can rest assured knowing that your property is protected and only increases in value over the years.

We source from the top local manufacturers of every fence type. Whether you are looking for a classic wrought iron design or a more modern horizontal wood fence or aluminum variation, we bring some of the best options in the area for you. If there is something you have your mind set on that may need to be imported, we have a multitude of experience working with manufacturers from our of state and overseas. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are given what they hope for.

Some fence contractors may think you are being too picky, but we believe the place you call home should be the way you want down to the very last detail, given that you have to see it every day! This goes for both aesthetic looks as well as practicality, as far as fencing because we take your safety just as seriously as you do.

Once our team is on the premises, we start by going over our custom process for your home fence installation in Denver. Beginning by setting the posts and determining spacing, we make sure every inch measures up to our plans before using our high grade augers for digging. After we make sure everything is accurate, and finish digging post holes into the ground, we set the posts in gravel or cement. For wooden fences, we add a preservative to the ends of each post so not to rot the wood. For metal fencing, we then begin to attach the panels that you have pre-selected. We usually install the gate panels last, as this can take a larger portion of the day, especially if our clients request automatic gates that deal with electronic components. Once the gate is in, and we give it a few test runs, we begin to clean up the site. Depending on the size and scope of your fence project, installation can range from a single day to multiple days for larger properties with more elaborate materials. No matter the size of your project, we guarantee to get it done right, leaving you with a beautiful addition to your home and added security for you and your family.

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